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Dear visitors, everybody! I am your tour guide, surnamed xu, today I to lead everybody together are on a tour of the huge military museum, should take good care of cultural relic, when visiting, please don't litter.

Qin Terra Cotta Warriors of xi 'an unearthed in China, the total area of 20__0 square meters. Deep pit layout is reasonable, the structure is peculiar, pit 5 meters, set up a east-west main wall every 3 meters. Army, tall, armed with bronze weapons, these weapons have buried more than two thousand years, still if brightness is new. You feel very surprised!

Ok, say so many, everyone to look at the general figurines! He crown, and a general figurines burly, wearing armor, cold light shinning sword in hand, chin and looked to the point, if it had been arranged that the countermeasure, waiting for the enemy to send to your door. By the way, it is said that before the qin dynasty, the emperor is looking for the living to compensate was buried after death. Later, a minister of emperor qin shi huang said: "previous dynasties but with buried the living. I think it is not very appropriate to you. Let create a skillful craftsman made of dirt that you have conquered, invincible army?" Qin shi huang think this idea is very good, agreed. So he formed the scale of qin Terra Cotta Warriors.

We are moving the warriors. Terracotta warriors average about 1.8 meters tall and powerfully built, fit, they are wearing a shirt, wear armor, feet front end up war boots cock, armed with weapons, ready to go.

Light has soldiers, there is no war not mark. You look at the horse, a horse horse body, muscle fullness. The itch to try, if commanded, casting its hooves, rose and set off on a journey.

Qin Terra Cotta Warriors, is unique in DiaoSuShi of ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign. Arrange it perfectly simulate the ranks, vividly the qin soldier millions, thousand chariots grand momentum, vividly demonstrates the power of the Chinese nation and heroism. I wish you all have fun, fun.


Double cease day, mom and dad is going to take my children to play in the park in yichang, I was very happy.

Today, we all got up early. Wash and dress up, ate breakfast, and set off. My mom and dad to sit for an hour of car, finally arrived yichang, my parents and I got off the bus saw the wide parking lot and parked inside the large and small car, walked to the parking lot outside, I see the broad road, the road with beautiful flowers, neat, sidewalk no garbage, clean.

We came to children's park gate, the center of the park with lots of the flowers, colorful, very beautiful; Carries out my name on both sides of the trees, grown very lush, lush.

Walk to the park, I saw pigeons at a glance, with white, black, pink... Looking at a lot of children in there to feed the pigeons, I also. Dad met, bought a bag of corn and gave it to my, I took a few, from corn bag in hand, a few dove coming towards me, with a sharp beak pecking at the corn son, I feel itchy, this is fun.

After feeding pigeons, we walked forward, suddenly, I saw a tall and big ferris wheel, I told mom and dad said: "I want to go to the ferris wheel, you can accompany me to play?"

"Yes!" father said.

Mother bought three tickets, before we go to the ferris wheel, have the staff took us to the trunk, we sat in the trunk, trunk up slowly, I looked in the window, "good high!" I called to get up, and I looked down on, see the lawn, a lot of people play on the lawn, trunk up to the highest, I can't look down, heart all quick to drop out, I grabbed my dad's hand tightly, afraid to fall, also good, trunk and slowly down, we walked out of the trunk, I could hardly stand, dizzy, but I think a lot of fun. I think: if again, I will also play the ferris wheel.

We also played sand painting, a balloon, bumper car... The park there are a lot of a lot of fun!

A day passed quickly, in the evening, I reluctantly left the park.

Today is a happy day.


Beautiful Daxinganling in my mind, has always just appeared in the book,listen to the name, I always thought it was a fairyland in the fairy tale. 

Whenthey told me that I was standing at the foot of the Great Xing'an Mountains, Isaw a little bit of it. I can't believe that the Great Xing'an Mountains arestationed in the Inner Mongolia grassland where I am fascinated. I can't believeit's lying right in front of me. Sitting in the car, looking at the mountainsnearby, white clouds floating on the top of the mountain. The blue sky thatoccasionally leaks from the crevice of the cloud is like the sea water scatteredon the ground. The primeval forests on the mountain are unique. The "tall,short, fat and thin" of trees are almost the same. No tree will be a littlehigher or a little shorter. The mountain is neither high nor dangerous, so itgives people a soft feeling. There is no protruding rock on the mountain; thereis no suddenly broken cliff; there is no bare cliff. Even where there is noforest, it is covered with green grass. Occasionally, you can see large wildflowers or a beautiful dandelion wrapped in white fluff. Trees are a kind ofcolor, with a special sense of hierarchy. From the bottom of the dark greenslowly upward, the upper part of the forest is slightly lower, but green. Theforest above is a whole, giving people the feeling of fluffy. Every tree isstanding and vigorous. 

They stretch the branches to their heart's content andattach vigor and luxuriance to every tree. Further up, the top of the mountainis covered with emerald green. The whole mountain is like a brush with differentpigments, gently brushing on the mountain. The mountains in the Great Xing'anMountains are not so adventurous. The whole mountain, as if in computer art withelegant arc hook out the same. His eyes gaze deep into the forest, but his mindfantasizes about the rare birds and animals in it; his ears resound with thejoyful birdsong (just thinking). No matter how far you drive, the Great Xing'anMountains are still long, the forest is still flat, and the color is stillbeautiful. The Great Xing'an Mountains outside the car window retreated slowly,but I couldn't see the end of the Great Xing'an Mountains all the time. Thebeauty of every moment is painted on the plain of my memory. From chaganhaotebeside the Horqin grassland to the frigid dead volcano - Arshan mountain; fromthe refreshing and sweet Wuli spring to the rippling world; from yiershi, whichis also the frontier of the train terminal, to Ulanhot, where Genghis KhanTemple is located. Daxing'anling, accompany me through the whole journey.


Dali referred to as "elm city, the scenery at the foot of beautiful framed, 13 km from the Dali shimonoseki. Dali ancient city was built in Ming dynasty fifteen years (1382), is one of the first batch of historical and cultural city. Dali erhai lake in the ancient east, west pillow features, towers majestic, beautiful scenery. Dali city the size of the grand square around 12, the original walls 7.5 meters high, thick 6 meters, north and south, east and west four gates, original on towers. If, autonomous prefecture capital of shimonoseki to flourish, the noisy impression, Dali is a simple and quiet.

A north-south street in the city, the street has a variety of monopoly marble products, tie-dye, straw and other special products stores and bai trattoria flavour is dye-in-the-wood. With stream in the city, everywhere the bai traditional local-style dwelling houses of primitive simplicity, here people, both rich and poor, are in the habit of inside the courtyard gardening. Dali is also "the every family running water, flowers". Dali from shimonoseki close, more than 10 minutes by bus to arrive before the city's bus station and the main hotel to all of them.

Also can be made of shimonoseki by small carriages to, just to talk about in front of the bus. Travel to Dali, if want to stay, the city has many according to the traditional bai local-style dwelling houses building hotel to choose from, the price is not expensive.

Around three spirits, is in a summer solstice 23 25 April every year, around three spirit festival for three days. March street, also known as: the goddess of mercy, is in the annual lunar March 15 solstice 21. March street is the most grand traditional festival of the bai, is not only the material exchange event, and horse racing, dian, lanterns and other literary sports center for the performing of the play. Form of singing festival, it is in the annual lunar July 26 solstice August the first. Will play the sea, is also called: body section. On clearance, xizhou area began in the lunar calendar of July 23, Dali, where the area began in August 8th lunar month.


Dear friends: passengers

How do you do! I'm the tour guide, my name is liang, you call I beam guide. Very glad to serve you. Today I'll guide you to visit the famous royal garden, the Summer Palace.

The Summer Palace beauty such as immortal mirror? Because it is associated with water up to the mountain. Mountain, according to the longevity hill, with water, the kunming lake. We today is coming to travel. Ok, few words said, let's go to climb the longevity hill.

We have now arrived at the foot of longevity hill, you can looking upward, the rows of resplendent and magnificent palace is cloud temple. Looked up again, the star of the pyramid three layer architecture is the buddhist incense. You don't have to wait, because we are heading for the top of the mountain.

We have now reached the top of the longevity hill and looked down on, you can see the beautiful scenery. Look, the lush trees, with the yellow green glazed tile roof and wall of scarlet. Really beautiful! But there are more beautiful. Look! The kunming lake is proof of that?

We are going to travel on the last leg of - kunming lake.

Kunming lake is very beautiful, beautiful enough to be with than the west lake. Kunming lake on several islands, as long as we walked through the long stone bridge, you can go to the island to play. In the stone bridge, one of the most famous seven Kong Qiao dozens, because it has seventeen little tunnel.

We travel to the end.